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Ellora Maggs

Peak Performance Care's Founding

Dr. Ellora Maggs founded Peak Performance Care in 2011. The cornerstones of this practice include addressing whole body health, emphasizing injury prevention, employing a hands-on approach, and utilizing education that leads to confidence in your body. This clinic is centered on YOU and your goals, and we provide solutions to the problems you may have. Our clients feel rejuvenated, relieved, stronger, more comfortable and more confident when they come to our office. We have a culture that resembles family, and we look out for you and your wellbeing all along the way. We understand that everyone needs a little guidance from time to time, and we look forward to being on your team!
We have always believed that optimization of health required a team approach, and we have worked closely with colleagues in the fitness, wellness, and medical worlds to achieve this. We are proud to have provided this collaborative service for our community for nearly a decade out of our Downtown Sonora offices. And in July of 2019 we made a significant step forward in our ability to provide a comprehensive and collaborative service for our clients by moving our offices into the Continuum building. In addition to the excellent Physical Therapy and Personal Training our clients have come to know and expect at Peak Performance Care, we now offer the ability to work closely with Orthopedic Surgeons, Sports Medicine Specialists, Primary Care Physicians, Massage Therapists and Mental Health Coaches all under one roof, and all working together for YOU. Peak Performance Care offers unparalleled convenience, accountability, timely service and customer care. We invite you to stop by the office anytime to see and feel the difference.
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