How often do I need to come in?

We are committed to providing the best service to help you reach your goals. Depending on your goals, our team will create a plan of care that fits your needs. Physical therapy clients will establish a plan of care within the first two weeks, and for this time period we encourage clients to come in 2-3 times per week. After this time, we typically see clients 1-2 times per week. Many clients choose to maintain their gains with monthly or quarterly appointments and this can be built into our plan of care.   Personal training clients typically come 1-2 times per week and we encourage clients to consider a 6-week trail.   Massage clients typically come once per week and we encourage clients to consider a 4-session trail.   Professional Coaching clients typically come in once per week and we encourage clients to consider a 6-session trial.    

How do I sign up for group classes?

If you are a current client with Peak Performance Care, you can sign up for classes using any of our past email blasts with the "Schedule Now" button at the bottom of the page. You will be directed to, where you can choose "schedule now" again. Make sure you choose "CLASSES" in the top heading and choose the session(s) you want to take . If you don't already have a schedulicity account, it will prompt you to create one (just an email address and password is required). That's it! If you have questions we can walk you through it at the office or over the phone.   If you are not a current client or don't have a previous email blast from us, just visit and search for Peak Performance in Sonora, CA on the home page. Follow the steps above from and you are all set! Again, if you need assistance please let us know, we are happy to help!

How do I schedule an appointment?

Please call 209-532-1288 or email us at   to schedule an appointment. We have office staff present daily and we will return all calls within one business day.

How long is an appointment?

Appointment length varies depending on the needs of the client. For physical therapy evaluations, expect 90 minutes with your practitioner. Follow up visits are typically 45 minutes, however there is the option for shorter 15 minute ART visits if your therapist decides this is appropriate. Personal Training appointments are either 30 or 60 minutes in length.   Massage Therapy appointments are 30 or 60 minutes in length.   Professional coaching appointments are 60 minutes in length.

What is Active Release Technique (ART)?

ART is the gold standard manual therapy technique in the treatment of soft tissue injuries. Proven every week in professional sports of nearly every kind, and across the country in the treatment of repetitive strain injuries sustained as a result of work injuries, ART has become the first choice for strains, sprains and neural entrapments. this technique is remarkably effective in increasing flexibility and joint mobility, decreasing pain, and improving neuromuscular circulation and fascial mobility. For more information about ART please visit  

What is StrongFirst?

For more information about StrongFirst, please visit  

What is the Functional Movement System?

The Functional Movement System is a model that is used to bridge the gap between the medical, wellness and training worlds. The System utilizes specific tools to allow the practioner to effectively place each client in the appropriate setting and also serves as a framework for progression throughout your time at the clinic. Additionally, this System allows us to create a baseline of your movement abilities that we can test and re-test in your annual physical year after year. Our entry point into the system is the Functional Movement Screen (FMS), and we have been utilizing this in our community's high school physical process since 2012. This test is the baseline for our Annual Physical here at the office. Both our physical therapist and personal training staff are certified to administer and interpret this test. If a client is already in pain, we start with the Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA), which is strictly a medical assessment that our physical therapists use to more effectively diagnose the underlying cause of pain or dysfunction. For higher-level athletic goals, we turn to the Fundamental Capacity Screen (FCS) and Y Balance Test (YBT) to give our team night into the specific training strengths and weaknesses that exist. This allows us to better utilize time and resources by training what needs the most attention. For more information visit Click here for more information

Where are you located?

We are located at 19 West Bradford Street, Suite D in downtown Sonora. Enter on the North side of the building, then continue following the signs up the stairs to the end of the hallway on the left. Should you require any assistance on the stairs please do no hesitate to ask when you book your appointment.

How can I use my health insurance?

Peak Performance Care is out of network with all insurance companies at this time. While we do not directly bill any insurance companies, we are happy to provide you a superbill upon request that you may submit to your insurance company. Please note, a Doctor's referral is required to get a superbill. Depending on the specifics of your health insurance policy, you may be reimbursed for the health care expenses incurred at Peak Performance Care. We are happy to answer any questions you have, please call the office for more information.

Who can attend the lectures?

Our Community Lectures are FREE and open to the public! We promise a concise and informative evening with light refreshments and friendly faces. This tradition was born out of a desire to educate our community about health, wellness, and prevention so that we may all take better care of ourselves and our loved ones. If you have a topic you would like to hear more about, please send us your suggestions via email to We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming Community Lecture soon!

Who can join the group classes?

All who are interested are welcome in our group classes. We are confident that we can make the appropriate modifications to make any class easier or harder to meet every client's needs. Due to the activities typically performed, and our commitment to safety, we ask that every attendee have one skills check session with either a trainer or physical therapist before joining class. Please call 209-532-1288 or email to schedule your skills check session today!

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