Injury Prevention Testing and Analysis

While no one can predict exactly when and how we might get hurt doing all the fun and crazy things we do, there are a few musculoskeletal markers of health that tend to be implicated with some of the worst musculoskeletal injuries.

Whether it is low back pain, sciatica, rotator cuff sprains, headaches or knee pain, there is probably something simple you could be doing every day (akin to brushing your teeth to prevent cavities) that may be beneficial!


Along with the battery of tests, this is an opportunity for you to get some tips on your training plan to see if there may be some subtle suggestions that may help you play harder for longer. This is an opportunity for a running gait analysis, or a bike fit/pedal stroke analysis.

Learn where your strengths are and where your weaknesses are so that you can spend the most time training what needs it the most! For those whose goals are not athletic, this is an opportunity for us to look at your movement and possibly identify potential problem areas before they turn into injuries, allowing you to live your life to the fullest no matter what that entails.

Additionally, by coming in for your Annual Physical, you are guaranteed email access to our physical therapy and training staff throughout the year for questions that come up. We look forward to seeing you at your Annual Physical soon!

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