Physical Therapy

Peak Performance Care prides itself in providing exceptional physical therapy care that is personalized to each client and their goals. Clients can expect an emphasis on education as Dr. Weston prioritizes prevention as a cornerstone of her treatment approach. Additionally, clients can expect a healthy mix of hands-on manual therapy and movement/corrective exercises to ensure a complete recovery and to best prevent recurrence.

We do not use aides in the office, and so the entirety of your session is spent with the physical therapist. Dr. Weston places high priority on the need to stay current in the field, and is frequently attending or teaching national conferences on a variety of topics. Clients can take comfort in the fact that she brings all of this experience back to the clinic, where she employs the latest knowledge and research with her clients.

Physical therapy plans of care are created within the first 2 visits, but are reassessed frequently to ensure your goals are met in a timely fashion. Evaluations are within the framework of the Functional Movement System, which provides an excellent baseline for future annual physicals.

We are confident in our collaborative approach, and clients often see additional practitioners within the office when that best suits their needs. Our team meets weekly to discuss common clients, which ensures high quality care with wide-ranging expertise. We look forward to helping you and your family with your physical therapy needs!

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