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Are You Skeptical Of Trying A New Diet To Try To Lose Weight Because Everything You’ve Tried Only Leads To Short Term Success? Do You Know You Need To Lose Weight But Feel Like You Don’t Know Who To Trust To Help You Reach Your Goals?

Don't sacrifice your active lifestyle over problems that can be solved! That's why we made this guide, just for you!

In This Guide You'll Discover...

5 minutes might be all you need to start you on the right path
Adding exercise to your day doesn't need to be as difficult as you think
There are simple things you can do with your food TODAY that will make a difference in your weight loss journey
Hope and encouragement that you can gain control of your weight once and for all
And much more!
Sarah Schummer

A Personal Message from Personal Trainer, ​Sarah Schummer

Helping clients through their weight loss journey is one of my favorite parts of my job. I am so inspired by helping them succeed, no matter how small the victory.

For many years, I’ve been just like you – curious about the latest diet trend or nutritional recommendation going around. And like you, I’ve probably tried just about all of them! Some of them I like, some of them I don’t, and most of all I’ve found that one size does not fit all when it comes to dietary recommendations. It was through this that I decided to get my Coaching Certificate from Precision Nutrition. Instead of focusing on food restrictions I am now empowering my clients with better decision-making abilities so that they are capable of finding the best path for their body. And I am here to help them every step of the way.

Just like I outline in this free report, the best way to weight loss that lasts is to more deeply understand what barriers are in your way now. What habits do you currently have that may be roadblocks to your success? And which of those roadblocks are actually ones that you can change right now? I find that many people set themselves out for failure simply by setting unrealistic goals or not fully understanding which habits to tackle first. Should you exercise more? Or eat less? Or sleep more? Or spend more time with family? All of these things could be the best starting place for YOU. I hope this free report gives you the information you need to start your journey, and I welcome you to connect with me if you want some guidance along the way.
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