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Are You A Runner Who Wants To Keep Running Without Pain? Are You A New Runner Who Wants Some Guidance On How To Start Without Getting Hurt? Are You Feeling Overwhelmed With All The Conflicting Advice From Friends, Magazines And The Internet?

Life long running and staying injury free is easy! Don’t sacrifice the running lifestyle you love over nagging pains that can be fixed! That’s why we made this just for you.

In This Guide You'll Discover...

Consistency is everything when it comes to run training plans
Running too little may actually be harder on your body then running too much
The simple steps to become a runner again and winning back your desired lifestyle
Hope and encouragement that you can still run even if you've had injuries or arthritis in the past
And much more!
Ellora Maggs

A Personal Message from Peak Performance Care Founder, Ellora Maggs

Have you been told that you should stop running to save your joints? Did you enjoy running at some point in your life but now think you couldn’t possibly get back into it?
It is one of my passions to empower patients with the strength and resiliency to return to running. It is perhaps one of the most fundamental and essential forms of exercise our species has ever known! And the good news for runners everywhere is that there is now undeniable scientific evidence to prove that running is not at all harmful to your joints, and instead maybe protective against the arthritic process! As a national speaker for The Running Clinic (an international organization that teaches healthcare clinicians all about running, running shoes,training programs, strength and stretching for runners etc), I have been immersed in the world of running and I’m so excited to share the latest and greatest with you! Your body is amazing, adaptable being – I can’t wait for you to have as much confidence in it as I do!

You don’t have to sacrifice the lifestyle you desire over problems that can be fixed. That’s why we made this free guide just for you. And after learning more about what’s possible with running, we welcome you into the clinic for a personalized running analysis so we can make individualized recommendations for you.

You see, many runners ask us the same questions...

  • "I was told that running caused my knee arthritis and that I should stop. Is this true?"
  • "I can get the same benefit from swimming and biking, right?"
  • "I’m too old to run, right?"
  • "Do you think I could get back into running?"
We have good news:you CAN get back to running, and there is absolutely NO scientific evidence to support the idea that running leads to knee/hip or spine arthritis. There are plenty more miles to run, and we are here to show you the way.

The one thing we can guarantee is that by doing nothing, you will not get that runner’s high again.

Peak Performance Care Running Video

Have you been overwhelmed by the number of running shoes on the market? Are your friends giving you conflicting recommendations? Are you choosing a shoe just because that's what everyone else has? Do you have pain with running and you feel like you should change your shoes?

This video is just for YOU! Before going shopping for your next pair of running shoes, watch this video. And if you are interested in a personalized assessment of your running and what shoes might be best for you, please come in for a gait analysis and personalized planning session.

This video is courtesy of our colleague (and Ellora's husband) Kevin Maggs DC. He is a national speaker and expert in running performance and injury management. Learn more about Dr. Kevin Maggs and be sure to check out his blog for more videos and information.