Flywheel Trainer

From a scientific perspective, it is pretty well established that flywheel training (isoinertial training) can result in increased strength and hypertrophy compared to traditional weightlifting. 

In addition, many studies report increased power and change of direction speed from isoinertial training than traditional weight lifting.

We have chosen the industry-leading brand Exxentric, which you can read more about here:

What is a flywheel trainer and how does it work? Watch a video here from Dr. Kevin Maggs, DC explaining how we think a flywheel trainer can be beneficial to our clients here at Peak Performance Care.

Here are some studies to support the use of a flywheel trainer:

Resistance Training Practices of Brazilian Olympic Sprint and Jump Coaches

Skeletal muscle functional and structural adaptations after eccentric overload flywheel resistance training

The Effect of Isoinertial Training on Jumping Performance on Young

Football Players

Isoinertial Eccentric-Overload Training in Young Soccer Players

The Effects of Eccentric Resistance Training on Measures of Physical Performance in Youth Athletes

Implementing Flywheel (Isoinertial) Exercise in Strength Training

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