Dear podcast listeners, it’s never too late to become a runner!

We encourage you to tune into this conversation to understand why. One of the most common misconceptions we hear about aging (and running) is that you’re bound to have more pain and injuries as you get older so it’s not wise to start a higher impact sport like running in your golden years. Let’s just get this myth cleared up right away by saying “there’s NO evidence to support this!” Furthermore, recent literature suggests that habitual bouncing on your joints (like running) is actually protective for your joints against the progression of arthritis. More on that topic in future podcasts. But for today, we’re focused on 1 runner and 1 very special running race. 

The Boston Marathon is one of the most esteemed running races in the world. Very few get to qualify for the opportunity to compete, and even fewer will stand on the podium at the finish line.

We sit down with John Hieb to discuss his experience in starting running later in life, as well as training to compete amongst the best in the world at the Boston Marathon the last couple of years. 

John’s story is inspiring, to say the least! And it showcases just what the human body is capable of when you treat it well, and progress your training wisely.

We hope this inspires you to continue to believe that you can still be active and healthy at ANY age!

Highlights from this talk include:

  • Successful athletic career despite starting running later in life
  • Perseverance toward a goal he set for himself
  • Dedication to build his running toward a 100 mile week at age 72
  • What drives him to compete toward any of his running goals
  • How he improved from a 4th place finish in 2021 to a 3rd place finish in 2022
  • How John’s work at PPC helped him to succeed

Understanding the essential balance between your body’s capacity and the load you apply to your body is the secret to injury prevention, and is the most useful tool in healing your body after an injury. Listen to this brief conversation between Drs. Ellora and Kevin Maggs as they share some details about capacity and load and how they use this concept with their clients every day. 

Check out this video for more information about Load vs. Capacity and how you can help optimize your health by using these principles in your own life.

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