If you’ve experienced nerve pain, you understand that nothing stops you in your tracks like that searing/burning/aching pain that nerves create.

You also may have noticed a more subtle numbness or tingling that doesn’t really hold you back, but is disconcerting and has you worried, to say the least.

Perhaps you’ve had imaging or diagnostics done (Xrays, MRIs, nerve conduction tests) and your doctors tell you nothing’s wrong. And yet, clearly, something is wrong…

You’re not alone, and we have clinicians on our team who SPECIALIZE in assessing and treating nerve pain.

You see, most nerve problems can’t be seen on imaging, and can’t be measured with electric tests until they are quite advanced and often there is little you can do at that point.

Our goal is to help you find the problem BEFORE it gets to that point and to give you the tools you need to keep it in control forever.

Where do we tend to see it?


Lower back, hips and pelvis

Neck and shoulder

Front or back of thigh

Arm and hand

Lower leg and foot

Between the shoulder blades

Why Guess when you can Test?

If you’re not sure if the pain you’re feeling is nerve pain, we have a simple evaluation to help you figure this out.

In a brief conversation learning more about your pain, we can help you determine if this evaluation is appropriate for you.

Click the button below to see if you qualify for a FREE Discovery Session to see if this evaluation is appropriate for you.

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