Sometimes despite your best efforts to take care of your health, surgery is necessary to restore balance.
And we’re here to help you capitalize on your surgery to get the most out of your recovery.

If you’ve had post-op PT before, you’ve probably experienced the cookie-cutter approach where you’re moved from one station to the next, then at the end you’re handed a photocopied paper of exercises that were likely handed to the last 10 patients as well.

At Peak, you can expect a more personalized approach.

We work with your surgical team to understand YOUR surgery, YOUR tissue’s strengths and weaknesses that your surgeon observed during surgery, and create a customized rehab plan that allows you to reach your goals as quickly and safely as possible.

Our team has helped young children, professional athletes, active grandparents, and everyone in between recover from a full suite of orthopedic surgeries across the entire body. There are literally too many post op rehab examples to list! Rest assured, if you’ve had an orthopedic surgery, we have helped many clients recover from that same surgery and are confident that we can help you, too!

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If you’re still not sure if we have what it takes to help YOU, please book a complimentary call with one of our clinicians to have the chance to ask a question to get the clarity you need.

Consulting services:

While our physical therapists often provide a full ‘start-to-finish’ rehab plan for our clients, we have other clients who choose to use our personalized services as an augmentation to their larger rehabilitation plan.

Our consultation services are available to give you the peace of mind that your rehab is on track for your stage of healing, and that you are likely to meet your goals in the timeframe you desire.

Our rehab team is able to provide a larger array of tests and measures, as well as more time than traditional rehab offices can.

So take advantage of this opportunity to give yourself the confidence that you’re in the right place.

Peak Performance Care

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