Do you feel like you know what you need to do, yet somehow you still find yourself making choices that work against you?

Have you struggled to put it all together for yourself and need someone to help guide you through the process?

Have you opted in to several diets, but haven’t found a healthy eating pattern that you’ll stick with for the long term?

Our nutrition and health coaching team is here to support you!

Our services range from hands-on help

to the bigger picture work in assessing and helping you with your habits, your lifestyle and helping you find out why you can sometimes be your own worst enemy with the process.

meal planning

grocery shopping

nutrient planning

Better yet, our nutrition and health coaching team is backed by our broader Peak Performance Care team, complete with medical clinicians of various specialties, trainers, and coaches to help with fitness expertise, and massage therapists to ensure a healthy mind/body recovery from whatever ails you.

If you’ve struggled to find success in the past, you’re in the right place.

We customize a plan that works for you and your life’s needs, and we stick with you to reach the outcome you desire.

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Peak Performance Care

in Sonora CA

13949 Mono Way

PO Box 4143

Sonora, CA 95370


(209) 532 1288

Fax: (209) 230 9529

Monday/Wednesday: 8am-5:30pm

Tuesday/Thursday: 6am-5pm

Friday: 6am-2pm


Want To Get Relief Faster?

Choose an option that works best for you.

Not sure if we've got what you need? Simply let us know your needs and your current goals and we will call you to let you know if we can help!

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