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We Help Active Adults Overcome Their Back Pain To Get Back To The Activities They Love Without Medication & Surgery

Get The Healthy Lifestyle You've Always Wanted!

Are you struggling with Back Pain?

Have you tried pain patches, pills, or massage but it just doesn't really get rid of the pain for long?

Do you wish you could move more easily without being limited by your back?

We're here for you and we can help!

We work on the root problem to make sure your back pain goes away for good

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Our 3 Step Process


We listen to your story, and connect the dots of your prior injuries and your overall health

2. Find the Root Cause

Together, we find the root cause of your back pain (that is specific to YOU), and we educate you so that you can understand it. This allows you to finally take control of it for good

3. Long-Lasting Relief of Pain

We help you get rid of the pain using our unique treatments, and empower you with all the tools you need to prevent it from returning

We help you get rid of the pain using our unique treatments, and empower you with all the tools you need to prevent it from returning.

Interested in knowing more about our perspective on back pain? 

Check out our FREE Back Pain Special Report we wrote to help you get started at home TODAY. 

Are you not living the life you want because of back pain?

Have you tried everything to fix it, but feel let down?

Don't sacrifice your active lifestyle over problems that can be solved! That's why we made this guide, just for you!

In This Guide You'll Discover...

Why you should blow out candles like it's your birthday, EVERYDAY!

Simple steps to get out of pain

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Why your back pain lasts longer than it should.

The biggest mistakes people make

keeping back pain lingering around longer than it should.

Hope and Encouragement

that something can still be done for your back pain without medication and surgery.

And Much More!

Eric Turner
Eric Turner
April 1, 2024
I cant say enough good things about this place. I went in with no specific needs, just wanted to invest in my heath for longevity and wanted a full blood panel and guidance. They did just that and recommended some supplements after testing. This is the type of health care everyone wants. I keep talking people into going and everyone that does benefits greatly from their experience as well.
Kim Hembree
Kim Hembree
March 26, 2024
I was referred to Ellora Maags by Dr. DeMers D.O. She suggested that I try physical therapy for my knee. I was in constant pain. Within 6 months I was doing jumping jacks and have no pain. Ellora is amazing.
March 21, 2024
I love Peak Performance Care! I have experienced physical therapy, massage therapy, personal training, and health/nutrition coaching at Peak Performance Care. Their team is SUPERB! First, there is Nicole Knowles. She is the manager and always a cheerful, upbeat and welcoming person. Jonah Funk, the personal trainer, is FABULOUS! He is encouraging and never negative. I always feel better after training with Jonah. Dr Ellora Maggs is the physical therapist and she has such a warm and caring personality. Crystal Weldy-Ruiz is the massage therapist and she is DIVINE! Never have I had such a relaxing / therapeutic massage! Lorraine Neves, who is a health & nutrition coach is extremely knowledgeable, supportive and helpful. The amazing thing about PPC is that all of these people collaborate and work as a team to help you improve. I love ALL of the staff at Peak Performance Care. They truly care about helping me to feel healthier and get more active! Thank you Peak Performance Care!!!
Kathleen Dennis
Kathleen Dennis
March 21, 2024
Ive been going to Peak Performance for awhile now. Jonah understands my goals & works to keep me on track with them. My overall strength & fitness has greatly improved, giving me the ability & confidence to do the other activities I love so much! As well as Jonah, I’ve had treatments for old injuries from both Ellora & Kevin. Their expertise & knowledge of the human body have also enabled me to increase my ability, stamina & recovery time with my activities. Nicole is the glue that keeps everything running smoothly in the office. She can help you with scheduling, answers questions with intimate knowledge of the office & services offered. Thank you all for keeping me healthy & motivated!! Katie Dennis
Janice Hurley
Janice Hurley
March 20, 2024
What a great experience my visit was from start to finish. I feel I am in good hands. Nicole did a wonderful job getting me my paperwork and appointment on short notice and I have a new game plan on some shoulder issues.
Michael Crich
Michael Crich
October 30, 2023
Happy, knowledgable Jonah, my trainer. Fun work and good results.
Eric Roberson
Eric Roberson
October 25, 2023
Get a workout routine with Jonah, be challenged while you learn good stuff, in a fun way, listen to music and say hi to friendly faces as you leave. Peak Performance is all good!
Sherri Sedler
Sherri Sedler
October 24, 2023
Jonah and staff at Peak Performance are attentive, supportive and cater your training to fit all your needs! They keep me motivated and go the extra mile to meet my health and fitness goals. I highly recommend them 😊
Brandon Reed
Brandon Reed
July 31, 2023
Huge thanks to Peak Performance for establishing in this community. Walking into the building was like immediate relaxation. Very calm, lots of natural light. I didn’t feel as though I was in Tuolumne County. I scheduled a 60-minute massage with Crystal (sp?) and the whole experience was spa-like. Tea, eye mask, neck wrap. Excellent. Crystal used deep tissue and Swedish techniques, as well as light traction on my neck, which provided welcome relief from all of my neck pains. By the end of the massage, I was extremely relaxed and thankful I chose to come to Peak Performance and book with Crystal. I am going to schedule some chiropractic there too.
Josh Lagarbo
Josh Lagarbo
July 21, 2023
I just wanted to thank everyone at Peak Performance for going above and beyond for a patient that hadn’t even been there before. I was in the most pain in my life, and they were amazing in accommodating and making me as comfortable as possible. It shows how much they care for people and want to help alleviate their pain. I really appreciate it and would highly recommend Peak Performance and Dr. Maggs.
ellora.2495c030.fill-518x550.format-png (1)

Dr. Ellora Maggs, DPT, OCS

Physical Therapist

Founder, Peak Performance Care

Peak Performance Care Story

Dr. Ellora Maggs founded Peak Performance Care in 2011. The cornerstones of our practice include: addressing whole-body health, emphasizing injury prevention, employing a hands-on approach, and utilizing education that leads to confidence in your body. This clinic is centered on YOU and your goals. We strive to provide solutions to any problems you may have. Our clients tell us they feel rejuvenated, relieved, stronger, more comfortable, and more confident when they come to our office. We work hard to create a culture that resembles a family. We look out for you and your wellbeing all along the way. We understand that everyone needs a little guidance from time to time, and we look forward to being on your team!

We believe the optimization of health requires a team approach. We work closely with colleagues in the fitness, wellness, and medical worlds to achieve this. We are proud to have provided this collaborative service for our community for nearly a decade out of our Downtown Sonora offices. In July of 2019, we made a significant step forward in our ability to provide a comprehensive and collaborative service for our clients by moving our offices into the Continuum building. By moving our office into the Continuum building, we now offer the ability to work closely with Orthopedic Surgeons, Sports Medicine Specialists, and Functional Health Practitioners. We are all working together for YOU. Peak Performance Care offers unparalleled convenience, accountability, timely service, and customer care. We invite you to stop by the office anytime to see and feel the difference.


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Dr. Ellora Maggs, DPT, OCS

Physical Therapist

Founder, Peak Performance Care

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Dr. Kevin Maggs, DC


Co-Founder, Peak Performance Care

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