Revive Sonora: Custom Jewelry Your Way

Ellora Maggs

Nov. 19, 2020

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Can you believe we're on week FOUR of our “10 Businesses in 10 Weeks” initiative, REVIVE SONORA TOGETHER?! If you’re unfamiliar with the ‘Why’ behind this project, please check out our last blog post here. This goes way beyond supporting our friends’ businesses!

So for week 4 we are so proud to congratulate: TH Jewelers and husband and wife team, Dyana & Mike. These two gems have the most wonderful and positive spirits. Prepare to laugh!!! Listen to our interview by clicking the link below.

TH Jewelers is a fabulous option for jewelry but did you know?...

  • they do CUSTOM jewelry
  • only in-house work
  • family owned and operated
  • local Native American couple who have been in Tuolumne for generations

Dyana and Mike were shut down for some time due to COVID and suffered a huge inconvenience during that time. But through it all, they came out on the other side in the most positive ways. We enjoyed their positivity and their way of making something that could have been tragic, well... just a little bump in the road. These two will have you smiling really wide. Listen to the podcast to be inspired and hear their funny stories too!

Thank you for being in our extended Peak Performance Care family and for your trust in us to help you live your healthiest and most positive life possible. We are thrilled to be a part of your team, and it brightens our day to see you succeed! Please let us know that you are doing well by clicking on the link below – we’d love to know that you are thriving, and we’d love to help if there is anything we can do to improve your positive mindset or your physical well-being.

If you’re new to our world and would like to know more about who we help and what we do, please contact us by clicking the link below and we would be honored to have the opportunity to speak to you.

You can expect another blog post next week announcing next week’s showcase business but until then, HAPPY MONDAY! Be the best version of yourself today, do something kind for someone who least expects it, and appreciate this amazing place we call HOME.

Take care,

Ellora Maggs



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